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File00 och SOL

File00 and SOL are the common storage solutions on Chalmers for home folders and groupfileshares. They're also available for when you're outside of Chalmers network, hence you need to connect by using VPN

This service are well suited for large files and data sets. The system is backed up every night and you can access different verions of the files from previous day through My_Areas


Box is Chalmers service for cloud storage and refers to employees and student. Other cloud services shouldn't be used due to lack of processor agreements or quality assured by Chalmers. Classified documents should not be saved on Box or similar documents.

The application is best suited for storing common ducuments and can be used for most of the employees. You can assign permission to workgroups, colleauges and third parties. In the event of mistakes of deleted files or directories, you can restore them yourself within 14 days.

External drives/NAS

External hard disks and NAS solutions are not preferred, especially when using these a a backup solution. External media may be harassed, misplaced or stolen, and you have no track maintenance costs. It hårddiskar och NAS är inte att föredra, särskilt om man använder dessa som en backuplösning. Extern media kan haverera, förläggas eller bli stulna och dessutom uppstår dolda underhållskostnader. It can also be found in the information requirements on how the standpoint is for each employee or equivalent at Chalmers.

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