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How to use Zoom.

Chalmers’ Zoom installation runs via SUNET (Swedish University Computer Network) and is therefore separate from the public version of Zoom (Zoom cloud). You can read more about the security of zoom

Start Zoom on your computer and click on the cogwheel.

Click on View More Settings.

Sign in with your ChalmersID and password.

When signed in, you'll see your profile.

In the left menu, you'll see; Profile, Meetings, Webinars, Settings, Account Profile & Reports.
In the Settings section, there is a few important things to considerate:

Schedule Meeting
In Meeting (Basic)

In Meeting (Advanced)

Scheduled meetings can be started at any time before the scheduled time. The links will not expire or become invalid unless it is past the 30 day period for a non-recurring meeting, has not been used for over 365 days for a recurring meeting, or has been deleted from your Zoom account. An instant meeting link will expire as soon as the meeting is over.

In the Zoom application, click on Meetings to view your current sessions or ended ones.

Click on the arrow to open the settings for the microphone/sound. When you connect to the session you might need to click on Join Audio to enable the microphone/sound. Similiar goes for the video.

Please note: If you're using a common microphone/speaker, you need to turn off the microphone/speaker on your computer to avoid sound issues.

You can create breakout room if you need to make a decision with a commité without leaving the meeting. Create the room and assign each participant to their breakout rooms.

Limit the ability for all participants to share their screens, chat or change their names during the session.

Share the content from your own computer to other participants. You can also share your sound if you click on Advanced.

Click on to mute the Chime sound when participants connects to your session.

If you click on Manage Participants and click on More the following options will become available. Click on the three dots to expand even further options.

With Spotlight Video you'll become visible on all participant screens even if someone else is speaking.

During a presentation and if you're using PowerPoint, rightclick to chose Pointer Options and select Laser Pointer to point out something in your presentation.

As a participant you will see a few icons you can use during the session without interfering with the speaker.

If you need a coffee break, click on this icon.

Raise your hand to if you'd like to speak.

Clap your hands after a presentation/session.

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