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Skype for Business (Windows)

The service makes it possible to communicate through real-time text messages/chat, audio and video and to share documents and files in real time. In the near future this will also be possible to do together with external participants as for instance MSN-users, other companies and organizations that have got a similar product and who starts any kind of cooperation with Chalmers. Nowadays the names "Skype for Business" and Lync are used interchangeably (Skype for business is not the same as Skype) since it is the same program.

To get started with Skype for Business when you have a CDA computer you just have to make sure you have set up your email account in Outlook on your computer. The first time you are going to use Skype for Business, go to the start menu in Windows (lower left corner on the screen), type "skype for business" in the search field. Click on "skype for business" in the menu that shows. Then you will automatically get logged in to Skype for Business, you will also get a pop-up window saying you should restart skype for business so it will turn into Skype for Business instead, do that.

From now on when you log in on your computer and start Skype for Business, you will automatically get logged in (you don't need to provide user credentials).

What is the difference between chat and web conference?

Real time messages are sent through a client that is installed and is called Skype for Business. This is also available for Mac. In the client you can choose your prefered way of communication: real time messages, audio or video. To communicate through video you need to have a webcam and to communicate through audio you need a microphone and a speaker (headset). It is also possible to send files and cooperate with others through a shared desktop.

What is Livemeeting?

Livemeeting is a separate program that makes it possible to have web conferences and work with the same document or program as other participants, it can be one or more both external or internal participants. Preferably Livemeeting-invitations are sent out through Outlook just like a regular meeting invitation. The participants then connects to the same conference through a link in the email.

Can I connect with external participants?

Companies that have a similar product can communicate with Chalmers.

  • On CDA Windows Skype for Business is installed by default. You can find Skype for Business on the start menu.
  • If you experience problems logging in to Skype for Business, please contact the servicedesk to get support.

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