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The My_Areas directory

In My_Areas you can find shortcuts to the various file areas that you have access to on the file servers at Chalmers. Since the format is different for different operating systems, there are three different sets. Use the set that is relevant for you. It also contains backup-copies of your files (SNAPSHOTS).

How to connect to My_Areas

  • A computer that is connected to the Chalmers network with a network cable.
  • Alternatively a computer that is connected via Chalmers VPN VPN

Click on the Windows flag and search for This PC

Click on the tab Computer and then click on Map Network Drive

Select a free drive letter

Folder: \\\CID

If you are connected to the Chalmers network you should see My_Areas
If your're connected to another network you need to authenticate yourself first.

Platform directories

You then go on and open the directory that corresponds to the platform, Windows/MAC/Linux, that you are using.

Group file areas

All the group file areas that you can access will be listed. You can either open the shortcut or mount the drive on your filesystem.


Enter the directory SNAPSHOT to find backup-copies of your files from various dates.

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