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Usage of SSH-servers

Connection to Chalmers ssh servers provides access to the Linux terminal environment, Linux home directory including www-directory (mounted from and group file-areas, (mounted from You can copy or move files.

Chalmers has two SSH-servers.

The server names are:

After the server names we have written the fingerprints from the servers RSA public keys, they are the same for remote11 and remote12. First old format, then the new format that is shown to newer versions of ssh-clients.


  • Computer with SSH (secure shell) client-software
  • Internet connection

SSH client software is installed in CDA-Linux and is usually installed in all modern Linux / Unix variants). There are also client software for Windows and Mac computers.

For Windows, you can use the putty or winscp programs, for Mac there is amongst others Terminal.App, Cyberduck and FileZilla. Some of these software programs are used to move or copy files, others to write commands in a Linux terminal.


How do I login? You login with:

User name: CID (your Chalmers ID)
Password: your CID-password

An example of a command that connects to an SSH-server from a Linux or a Mac terminal window. In the example, the username (CID) is 'kalle':



If X forwarding is turned on and you have an X-server installed you can start graphical applications, this usually requires additional software installation on the Windows platform.

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