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Checklist for solving login problems at Chalmers

Table of Content:

Intended audience

This text are intended for student, staff and guests. Portions of this text may only be applicable for one of these groups.


The majority of incidents regarding login problems with CID falls in the top 3 items of this list. For some systems the login are separated from the central system (for example the student email system), see list further below.

profile failed to attach
you can only login on one computer at the same time. reconnect to the one you last used and logout your account.
(this applies to StuDat windows)
  1. Login to - if this works at least the account exists - else you may not
    • have a correct course registration? You must re-register yourself one or two times a year even for unfinished courses.
    • be registered as an employee (by your department).
  2. Have you received a new scratchcard and it does not work? You should use the password on the first line and you should find 10 characters here (sometimes it may contain a comma or period that is hard to see). Sometimes the card just does not work - get a new one.
    • (if that does not work, get yet another. If that does not work we must investigate the cause)
  3. Have you changed your password during the last 12 months? If it is too old it does not work in all of our systems
  4. Are you authorized to login to the system you would like to access? Sometimes there are systems that you are not allowed to login to. One example are the file server for download of software for student - only Chalmers students may login here (not staff).
  5. Check that your computer have the correct time, date and timezone for the place where you are.
  6. Do you need to write your login name in any special format? See How do type the login name
  7. Are you using a supported web browser? Sometimes you are denied access to some systems due to this. Try with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari
  8. Have you tried to login too many times with the wrong password? Some web services locks the login until you've restarted your browser and in many of our systems you will be locked out for 15 minutes (when you've got 12 wrong passwords in 10 minutes). This can be caused by several things, from that someone is trying to hack your account to that some software on your computer are trying to login to a service with an old or a wrong password. Account will be re-enabled automatically after 15 minutes.
  9. Does your account work in some systems? Do you have one password at CDKS and an another in the Student Portal?
    • Change the password at If you've tried to change the password but have got an error message - Try again to change the password until it works else you may find that the password are different in some systems. If this does not work,
  10. Are your keyboard layout correct? Sometimes the keyboard settings changes to another language layout, which means that some characters are moved to another key. If so, you get a password mismatch.
    • Check/change keyboard layout in the upper (Mac), or lower (Win10), right corner of the login screen.
    • Test keyboard by typing non-alphabetic characters in your password somewhere where you can see the result, for example at the Username prompt

Other systems

NOTE: Replace CID in the examples below, with your own personal Chalmers ID.

the WiFi uses the CID password but the login name are written as (even for students) so you can use Eduroam on other universities around the globe.
Student e-mail
You can login with your CID via the Student Portal or at with your Chalmers account. The account name is in the form (this is NOT an email address!). For more help see
The wireless network for temporary guests. See order Guest Accounts for Nomad WiFi.
SSH to remote servers must include the password so that the server may be able to fetch your home directory, else you will be thrown out pretty quick. Make sure to use forward-able tickets or set your SSH so that you must type in your password at login. This goes for SFTP (secure FTP) also.
Personal computer:
To connect to resources at Chalmers with you private computer the login name must be written as
Microsoft Teams:
Read more in Teams Login. The account name, for students, is in the form (this is NOT an email address!). Employees use
MyAccount portal:
Error codes
2004 Universityadmission account login no longer possible - can only be used once - or person not a registered student at Chalmers.
2003 Problems regarding the personal ID-number: Does not exist, wrong number, or ID-number not validated with an ID check
There are systems with special login solutions. IT-support can give more information about specific systems.

Report the problem

If you can't solve the login problem contact IT-support and specify the following:

  • Who you are (CID) if you mail from some other address than your student email
  • Which system or computer you failed to login to. Specify the name of the computer you had problems with or which web address it was - this makes it much more easy to investigate the cause. Unspecific definitions like "several computers" does not help at all.
  • What happens, error messages etc
  • What you've tried in the list above.
  • What type of computer you are using? Mac/Linux/Windows, private computer or a school computer?
  • What web browser are you using? (Firefox, IE, Safari)
  • Are you at Campus or home? What type of connection to the net do you have? (home network, wifi, eduroam etc). Are you using VPN?
  • Include a phone number, especially if the problem is about your email.

Do NOT send your password to us (nor to anyone else).

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