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Zoom FAQ

Here we have collected common questions we have got from users at Chalmers.


This guide is a part of a series of guides about Zoom:

This is only covering the most common questions at Chalmers and stuff that is unique for our use.

Your main source for information are the Zoom Help Center

General questions

Recording is not available?
  • You can record locally on your computer. Cloud recording is currently not included in the services available.
GDPR - What to think about when you for example record a meeting.
Everyone says Zoom are unsafe
  • Make sure your have setup the meeting according to the recommendations to avoid uninvited people and "Zoom bombing".
  • The version used by Chalmers are not affected by the security issues that have been highlighted in media in april 2020 . See more at our Intranet: Security in Zoom
  • Information about Security considerations for Zoom provided by NorduNet.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date versions of the software.
I only get Zoom Basic, eg my meetings is max 40 minutes.
My meeting links says instead of

We are consolidating all accounts in Zoom and if you suddenly get a Basic-license - just logout and login again on the web page!

"xxx is not a paid user"
No license is registered for this person. This person must re-login to Chalmers Zoom again. See Zoom Licenses Reset for how to get a new license.
It should be possible to use Skype to connect?
  • Skype connect is disabled due to that it connects via servers in North America which is not GDPR compliant. Skype connect will not be available now or in the the future.
I would like to use a web browser
  • Connecting with web browser is not allowed since this may violate GDPR (connection is routed outside EU).
Company Xxx do not allow (or have blocked) Zoom - how to solve this?
  • It is possible to connect to the meeting with a normal phone (audio only). However, the Zoom app is required if you need to present in the meeting.
I am unable to stream to Facebook and Youtube from Zoom
  • This service is not supported in delivered solutions.

I would like to activate a plug-in.
I would connect an external system to Zoom.
  • We can connect external systems with API-keys IF this connection can be done without disturbing other use of Zoom and IF the provider of this service have a Data processing agreement with Chalmers, this because of the GDPR legislation.


Can someone join anonymously?
  • When opening a zoom meeting link, then click join meeting instead of signing in. Then enter the meeting ID and a display name (who is joining). See more at Joining a Meeting (Zoom support pages).
In my account it says Account Owner
  • Correct. Fredrik is the person at Chalmers owns the service contract. This is not related to your personal Zoom account, you are yourself.

I've created a Chalmers Email Zoom account at //
  • If a user has created an account with a Chalmers email-address (like directly at, the account must be removed. All Chalmers Zoom accounts are created automatically when login first time at
If your account needs to be recreated, then

Zoom FAQ for Students (separate page)


Recording is not available?
I've created a meeting. Can I convert it to a Webinar?
Can one person schedule two concurrent meetings?
No, only one meeting may be active. If you need to hold two different meetings at the same time, one of these must be scheduled by another person.

Creating the meeting

Why must I decide if participants must join with audio or microphone on or off?
  • This is just the preferred default setting. The participant can change this before joining and also after joining a meeting. For larger meetings it is recommended to have microphone and video off when joining
Must break-out rooms be created in advance?
  • No, you can create break-out rooms anytime.
Is it better to create the meeting in Zoom or can I do it in Outlook?
  • In Zoom are recommended. Outlook only provides very limited settings, but it may be a good choice for smaller meetings. Regardless which method you use, you can change the meeting in Zoom later.
Create Zoom meeting -button is missing in my Outlook


Questions related to the licenses

How many licenses do we have at Chalmers?
  • We currently have a pool of 50 licenses for Webinars up to 500 participants. Licenses are assigned for the period needed and returned to the pool when the webinar is over.
  • Reserve a license for your webinar in advance to make sure there is an available license on the day you need it by mailing you request to IT Office as well in advance as possible.
Can I have webinar with more than 500 people?
  • Please contact IT-Office (well in advance) for discussion of your needs.
Can a webinar license be assigned to a non Chalmers person, like a guest presenter?
  • No, the person that have the license must have a CID.
Do I need several licenses if I'm to give several webinars?
You need one license. The person holding a license can arrange an unlimited, not overlapping, number of webinars for the period when that person are assigned the license. The webinars must not overlap in time.
We are about to give two (or more) webinars at the same time, can I get 2 licenses?
  • If you have several webinars at the same time, you must have as many different persons to hold the license. One person can only have one license.
Can one person schedule two concurrent webinars?
No, only one webinar may be active. If you need to hold two different webinars at the same time, one of these must be scheduled by another person.
Must the person who have the license participate in the webinar?
  • No. This person only needs to create and setup (in advance) the meeting. He/she does not need to participate or can join another webinar instead.
Can a license holder participate in another meetings?
  • Yes. This person only needs to create and setup (in advance) the meeting. He/she does not need to participate or can join another webinar instead.
Can we request an assigned stand-by technician from the IT Office during the webinar?
  • We have limited capacity for this. Recommend you contact IT Support and check availability. For for dissertations we have extra resources, mail request to

Keeping unwanted guests out

What is Only authenticated users can join?
  • This is how you keep disruptive elements out from your meeting or webinar. By adding an extra step that the participant needs to do before joining the event, it makes it much harder for random persons to enter.
Do I need to manually let people in?
  • No, but it is an available option. Several levels of security is provided, and this is a rough list in order
    • None at all. Not recommended
    • Registration required. The link to enter the meeting is mailed separately to the person, thus ensuring the email address is valid.
    • Password hidden in link. God enough for most events where the link is not publicly shared
    • Password must be given separately. Better, but the participant have to type in the password.
    • Waiting room. New participants must stay in the waiting area before the person(s) holding the meeting/webinar let them in. Most secure, but may not work with hundreds of participants.
See Zoom Security Considerations for more info.


Recording is not available?

I've created a meeting. Can I convert it to a Webinar?
Can I trust this works for larger meetings? Will a larger meeting have problems?
  • There is always a possibility for technical problems but it is either related to an individual computer or with the server connections. If the meeting or webinar is for 10 or 1000 people does not matter.
Is it possible to turn off someones microphone?
  • Participants in a webinar can not use their microphones without an invite to do that from the webinar host(s).
Can we delete chat messages that are inappropriate?
  • No, but normally you only allow the participant to send chat messages to the host(s) and panelists which decides upon if this message is to be shown publicly.

Errors and problems

Computer crashes when starting zoom (windows 10).
  • Camera driver needs to be updated:
Start windows update (type "update" in search box). Click on 'Check for updates' or press return.
In the 'Check for updates´ window: You need to click on "Check for updates from Microsoft updates" even if this page says 'You're up to date' (This text may differ in different winodws versions, for example it may be "View optional updates" instead).
Install updates
Reboot computer
Contact IT-support if this does not help (Calling is recommended).

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