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Documentation for students

There is still some documentation pages left on the Student Portal - we are working on moving it to this place.

Organization of the IT documentation

On these pages you will find documentation and instructions how to work with your computer at Chalmers.

Usually, the information you need is quite specific to the type of computer you are using and we have therefore tried to group the pages here according to this so it will be faster to find what you are looking for.

Employed or Student?

This is our main breakdown as it differs between the resources that are left by each group. Persons studying at undergraduate level and single courses are considered Students. Doctoral students and the like are counted as Employees.

Which operating system are you using?

Depending on what type of computer you are using, the management of the computer will work differently, so we have the following groups:

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (Unix)
  • Android (tablets and mobile phones)
  • Apple iOS (tablets and mobile phones)

Is it a "Chalmers computer workplace" (CDA) or something else?

Of course, things also depends if the IT Office has installed it and can directly handle all maintenance, compared with a computer that we did not deliver / installed. So, therefore, we have the following divisions:

  • CDA, which is our standard platform. Such a computer is installed by the IT Office and we handle ongoing maintenance and installations. These computers are configured to work directly with the systems at Chalmers. You are also an administrator and can make your own changes to the system (not Linux).
  • Remote CDA are some systems that can be used by those who do not have a CDA computer (or CDA computer with "wrong" operating system) to do things that can not be done on their own computer. These systems are accessed via the network.
  • StuDAT is the equivalent of CDA for the computers found in lab rooms and the like and are provided for our students.
  • CDA Phone / tablet applies to telephones that are staff telephones and where the IT Office has set up the system (for telephones purchased through IT Office).
  • Non-CDA Phone / tablet - Private phone (/tablet) or staff phone not serviced/supported by ITA.
  • Non-StuDAT or Non-CDA are not CDA or StuDAT-based computers, such as your private computer or self-administered computers that can not be installed as a standard computer. For these we do not provide support other than (if possible) providing documentation.
    • Self-administered are computers that is owned by Chalmers, but which are not installed, maintained nor supported by the IT Office.

How do I search this page?

There's two ways of searching. The search-box at the top of the page searches all the pages of this site. Then there is search-boxes under each group, for example "CDA Windows", that only searches within that group.

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