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Zoom - Main guide and general info


This guide is a part of a series of guides about Zoom:


Zoom is a video conference and e-meeting service that can be used as a standalone application on a computer, smartphone or tablet or directly in a web browser.

All Zoom accounts have a license for meetings up to 300 persons and unlimited time for a meeting.

For additional services, contact IT support:

  • License for Meetings up to 500 persons are available
  • License for Webinars up to 500 persons are available
  • It is possible to create permanent virtual rooms.

Who can use Chalmers Zoom?

Zoom accounts are provided for staff and students. Guests from outside our organization can be invited by anyone with a (Chalmers) Zoom account.


The first time you use Zoom you MUST login on the web page to get a license.

Login in a Web browser

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. You will be directed to Chalmers IDP-login page
  4. Log in with your "CID"

Do NOT use //

Login in the Zoom app.

  1. Start Zoom
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. Click on Sign In with SSO
  4. Write "chalmers" so it looks like "chalmers".
  5. Click on Continue
  6. You will be directed to Chalmers IDP-login page
  7. Log in with your "CID"

If requested to confirm your sign-up by email, please check your Chalmers mail account for the verification link.

Login as guests

Meeting must be open for anonymous login or the non-Chalmers persons account must be pre-listed as allowed.


If you need technical support have a look at Zoom Support Center and search among the different articles and videos for assistance. Links to Chat and other types of support are available there.

Information and help about how to use the system are provided by Zoom.

Chalmers IT-support assist with login problems and booking of webinar licenses.

Special assistance may be provided for dissertations - mail to check availability

Licenses and cost

Zoom is provided from IT Office without cost

  • Staff and students at Chalmers are provided with a Full Zoom License in Chalmers Zoom (300 participants, no time limit).
  • GU-students are provided with a BASIC license in Chalmers Zoom
  • Students with temporarily extended accounts are given a BASIC license.
  • Staff can request a Large Meeting License if needed (500 participants instead of 300)
  • For Webinars we provide a license without cost for the days of the webinar and also for testing. Contact IT-support for booking a license at least 10 days in advance.
  • A static webinar license can be provided at cost. Contact us for details.

We sometimes need to reclaim licenses - see Reset of Zoom licenses to Basic and how to get your license back.

Installing Zoom

It is possible to use Zoom without installing an app by using a Web browser, but the limitation is that you can not share your screen and material.

NOTE For CDA computers, install the version provided by the IT Office.

How to use Zoom


CDA Linux:

To start Zoom on a CDA-Linux, type zoom at a shell prompt.

When joining a meeting in a web browser the connection may be routed thru non-EU servers that is not GDPR compliant. Use the Zoom app if this is not acceptable by all participants.

Test that it works

If you just installed the program or if you want to make sure all is ok before joining a meeting, you can:

Special information:

  • Recording of meetings at server are for the moment not possible. Not GDPR compliant
  • Connecting with Skype are for the moment not possible. Not GDPR compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

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